“Before working with Indigo, I was going through a low patch in my sexuality and I began to feel the weight of the judgements on myself. I wanted to feel free and open, like I was before, but I knew I couldn’t get there on my own. I reached out, and immediately felt the calm nurturing vibe that is Indigo. I went into our meeting with an open mindset and was able to walk out feeling the release of trauma from nearly 8 years ago… In our session, Indigo was patient, kind and a safe place to release whatever it was that I was holding onto. I love that I can use the practices that we went over, every day. I check in with myself and can feel where I am at, or where my body needs some love and support. Thank you, Indigo, for being a sweet sage and opening your space for me and others. It was a treat to be in your presence.”
- Cierra 

      "I was filled with energy, clarity, and peace after each session. This strength and reset gave me the ability to do the emotional work I felt I couldn’t or didn’t know how to do before.  This is a huge gift as I was controlled by my thoughts and worry.  It was making me physically sick and I was allowing my energy to be drained.  Now that I emotionally and not just intellectually know what I need,  boundaries are easier to implement and life just feels lighter. Indigo creates a beautiful space physically and emotionally to do self work in.  She has a very calming and empowering energy that was really helpful for me to feel safe in. I’m forming a healthy relationship with my body and sexuality in a gentle way. This has helped my insecurities diminish and allow love to fill those spaces instead."

        "Indigo’s work is genuine and ethereal, painting my experience with an otherworldly feeling. I felt loved and safe to venture as deeply as I felt called to go into the aspects of self and childhood selves that appeared... we worked through a lot but the space remained calm and inviting. I left feeling as though old stories were resolved because they received love."