Tools to Soothe the Nervous System
During transitions, uncertainty, and upheaval, regulating the nervous system while learning to read the subtle emotional signals allows the body to stay connected to intuition and a sense of ease rather than being overwhelmed by constriction, fear, and shut down. In order to regulate the nervous system a sense of safety must be established to move out of a fight, flight, or freeze response.  I provide a gentle container for acceptance, stability, and rooted compassion, building resilience and confidence in ones own ability to self-regulate and self-soothe.  From this integrated perspective it becomes easier and easier to come home to the Self when stability is challenged.

Trauma Resolution  
We form our attachment styles, our capacity for self compassion, and our beliefs about life almost entirely before the age of 10. Our brains have the capacity to re-write these beliefs and heal from generations of inherited trauma if we choose to. When childhood traumas continue on  unaddressed, the inner child continues to show up in adult life with the desire to find resolution. The inner child’s greatest desire is to find love, safety, and belonging from those who reflect the qualities of their caretakers, ie. their partners! Because adult romantic relationships are not unconditional, the inner child is set up for failure. This feeds the cycle of rejection, wounding, enmeshment, and trauma bonding, leading to difficulty in building  healthy partnerships. When familial trauma is resolved, our ancestors, self, and descendents are given the greatest gift.

Emotional Processing
To process deeply held emotions,  whether they are personal or collective, a guide and safe container allows the emotional depths to be reached without being consumed or overwhelmed by it. I lead a process in which my clients learn to access the primal brain, the space of old fears, heartbreak, and survival. When accessed with care, the body and brain can relearn what safety feels like, all the while allowing emotions to exist, move through, and integrate.

Healthy Relating
I can help you evaluate and understand your needs and desires for conscious relating. This can include: clarity on attachment styles, establishing and building trust, working with sexual issues, learning effective communication, understanding parental relationship patterns, maintaining healthy boundaries with work, friends, family, and beyond.  the list goes on and on!

Session Pricing

60 minutes $120

80 minutes $150

Sliding Scale

60 minutes $80-100

up to six sessions

To make this work accessible there is a reduced price slot for those who could use support but don't currently have the monetary funds. I recognize that spending money on mental and emotional healthcare is a privilege in our current system and therefore give priority to BIPOC, queer, trans, and disabled clients. Additionally, I can connect you with practioners I admire who may support your lived experience with more familiarity.