I Support My Clients With...

Soothing The Nervous System

During transitional times, uncertainty, and loss, tending to the energy body and nervous system helps us move from intuition and ease rather than constriction, fear, and shut down. In order to regulate the nervous system, there must be a sense that it is safe to come out of fight, flight, or freeze.  I provide a gentle container for acceptance, stability, and rooted compassion, building resilience and confidence in ones own ability to self-regulate and self-soothe.  From this place of integration, it becomes easier and easier to come home to the Self in times of upheaval. 

Healing Childhood & Lineage Trauma

We form our attachment styles, our capacity for self compassion, and our beliefs about life in general almost entirely before age 10. Our brains have the capacity to re-write these beliefs and heal from generations of inherited trauma if we choose to embark on the journey. When childhood traumas continue on, unaddressed, the inner child continues to show up in adult life with the desire to find resolution. The inner child’s greatest desire is to find love, safety, and belonging from those who reflect the qualities of their caretakers, ie. their partners! Because adult romantic relationships are not unconditional, the inner child is set up for failure. This feeds the cycle of rejection, wounding, and trauma bonding, making it almost impossible to build a healthy partnership. When we heal our family lineage we positively impact our ancestors, self, and descendents. What a beautiful gift for future generations! 

Processing Grief

To process deeply held grief, whether it be personal or collective, a guide and safe container allows the emotional depths to be reached without the fear of being consumed. I lead a process in which my clients learn to access the primal parts of the body and brain. This unveils the soulful, chaotic, and often overwhelming complexities we all hold, allowing them to further heal and integrate. New perspectives emerge and previously rejected parts of Self come back into wholeness. 

Conscious Relationships

I am here to help you evaluate and better understand needs and desires for conscious relating. This can include:  clarity on attachment styles, establishing rooted trust, learning effective communication, moving from intention, the list goes on!  Apply these lessons to current or future connections and watch them transform into joyful opportunities for healthy growth and learning.

Body Connection

Because we are taught body and sexual shame at such a young age through collective conditioning, unlearning this patterning becomes essential for living from a place of  love, acceptance, and authentic expression. In this work I’ll teach tools to become more sensitive to your body’s messages and intuitive wisdom, expanding your capacity for pleasure, and feeling grounded and at home in your skin. All bodies have value no matter their appearances or abilities. From the soil we emerged and to the soil we will return, let’s learn to honor our earthly vessels while we’re here!