I Support My Clients With...

Soothing the Nervous System

During transitions and facing unknowns, tending to the energy body and nervous system can help us continue to move from a place of intuition and ease, rather than constricting in fear and shut down. In order to calm the nerves and soothe the self, we must feel that it is safe to do so. I provide a gentle container for coming home to the self and remembering that you always have the capacity to soothe and heal within you. 

Healing Childhood & Lineage Trauma

Childhood is when the deepest impressions are made on our styles of relating, our capacity for self compassion, and our beliefs about life in general. When childhood traumas go unhealed, the inner child continues to show up in adult life with the desire to find safety and resolution. Because these parts are coming from wounding, they often show up as:  low self worth, settling for unhealthy relationships, anxiety and depression, fear of abandonment, addiction, and so on.  When we heal our family lineage we positively impact our ancestors, self, and descendents. 

Processing Grief

To fully process deeply held grief, whether it be personal or collective, a witness and safe container can allow the emotional depths to be reached without fear of being consumed by it. I lead a process in which my clients access grief through the primal brain, feeling as deeply as desired, moving from witness to experiencer to allow for new perspectives to emerge, while becoming more comfortable with intense emotion. Once complete, we move into gratitude and resource a sense of safety to integrate the experience and return to the present moment.

Conscious Relationships

Understanding attachment style, polarity, effective communication, and creating intention in relationship can transform your current or future connections into joyful opportunities for healthy growth and learning. I am happy to help you evaluate your needs and desires in relating and partnership.   

Body Connection

Because we are taught body shame at such a young age through collective messaging, it becomes necessary to unlearn it in order to live from a place of self acceptance and authentic expression. In this work you can learn to become sensitive to your body’s messages and intuitive senses, expand your capacity for pleasure, and feel grounded and at home in your earthly vessel.