somatic intimacy coach


         Indigo Free is a Somatic Intimacy Coach, healer, and artist. Her practice is rooted in the relationship between body and psyche. She works with clients to uncover traumas, patterns, and blocks that are inhibiting their ability to experience a fulfilling and pleasurable life.  Often these traumas sit for years, even decades, acting as a filter in which the world is experienced.  This can lead to feeling numb, depressed, anxious, and unworthy of big dreams.  It can feel like there is a wall keeping out deep connection.
          When we work curiously and compassionately with the body and deep mind we are transforming and integrating layers of trauma,  finally letting the original essence of childlike joy to shine through.   Living from this place of integration leads to beautiful expansion in life, career, and relationships.

One-on-One Session Work 

 A single session is recommended if you’re curious about working together but want to experience my coaching style before committing to a long term goal. One session can bring big shifts! After our first session we can check in about working together in the container of a package. 

90 minute introductory session

Six Week Compassionate Container  

Dive deep into your desires, develop a relationship with the divine, your intuition, your subconscious.  Uncover pieces of self  that don’t yet believe you are worthy of achieving your dreams, give them the love they've been asking for and feel everything fall into place. This transformational package is designed to support you in coming into your highest potential for connection, purpose, and pleasure.

75 minute sessions, weekly

In person or remote

Email support provided throughout

Sliding Scale Offering 

To make this profound healing accessible, I've created a limited availability sliding scale slot for those who wish to commit to their growth, yet don't currently have the monetary funds. I acknowledge that spending money on self care is a privilege, therefore give priority to people of color, queer, trans, and alter abled beings with this offering.


75 minute sessions, once weekly
up to four weeks


     Indigo graduated as a Certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, under her teacher Layla Martin. She studies the work and teachings of Esther Perel.
She lives and practices in Los Angeles, CA.